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Spark is an email app that aims to help users organise their email more efficiently.
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About Spark Mail

Spark is an email app that aims to help users organise and manage their email more efficiently. It is designed for both personal and professional use, and is available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices.

One of the key features of Spark is its ability to help users prioritise their email and focus on the most important messages. It does this by automatically sorting messages into different categories, such as “Personal,” “Notifications,” and “Newsletters,” and by highlighting messages from important contacts.

In addition to its organisational features, Spark also offers various tools and features designed to make email management easier. These include the ability to snooze messages, schedule emails to be sent at a later time, and collaborate with others on email drafts.

Spark is a powerful and user-friendly email app that can help users better manage their inbox and stay on top of their email. It is especially well-suited for busy professionals who need to stay organised and focused in their email communication.

Note: Spark version 3 is a significant change from version 2. Many users have complained that many of Spark‘s key features have been removed in the latest version, making Spark 3 unusable. If you are considering Spark as your email app, you may want to get Spark 2.

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