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Phosphor Icons is a library of over 6,200 vector icons.
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About Phosphor Icons

Phosphor Icons is a library of vector icons designed for web and software projects with a minimal yet modern aesthetic. It contains over 6,200 icons that have been carefully crafted to ensure maximum usability for any project. Each icon is available in six variations and can be customised to any colour. All icons are available as SVG or PNG files.

Phosphor Icons is a comprehensive Open-Source icon library for designers and developers. Designed by Helena Zhang and built by Toby Fried, Phosphor Icons offers a growing collection of 1,248+ icons in 6 different weights for use in various digital platforms.

The icon family is designed for a wide range of applications, including interfaces, diagrams, and presentations, with consistent style and scale for seamless integration. Available for web (SVG and PNG), React, Vue, Flutter, Elm, and other frameworks, Phosphor Icons also offers plugins for Figma and Sketch, making it easy to use across multiple design platforms.

The library is free, open-source, and MIT-licensed, with an option for users to support the project through donations. The latest 2.0 version introduces 201 new icons.

Not the biggest library of icons available online, but certainly one of the best. All completely free. Available in six styles and easy to change colours. Also appreciate the epic search function, so easy to find what you’re looking for.