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Figma is a next-generation online design tool for creating websites, applications, logos
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About Figma

Figma is a next-generation online design tool for creating websites, applications, logos, etc. The app can be run in any browser and is compatible with all operating systems. Figma can replace apps such as Adobe XD, Illustrator, Sketch and Affinity Designer.

Adobe acquired the company in 2022 for ~$20 billion and have so far kept the product free with no announced plans to integrate it into their Creative Cloud platform.

Figma is the ideal all-in-one platform for ideation, creation, testing, and implementation, making it the go-to solution for designers, developers, and product teams.

Included within the app is the online whiteboard, FigJam, offering a dynamic space for teams to brainstorm, diagram, and use sticky notes in real-time. This collaborative environment enables the exchange of ideas and promotes innovative thinking, ensuring that the best concepts come to life.

With FigJam and Figma living side-by-side, all design work can be easily accessed and managed in one place. This streamlined workflow results in a more efficient and organised design process.

Design Live With Your Team

Figma supports an iterative design flow with live collaboration, making it easy for team members to stay in the loop, regardless of location. This feature enables constant communication and input, ensuring that the final product reflects the collective vision of the entire team.

A Global Community of Professionals

Figma’s extensive user base comprises designers, plugin creators, researchers, illustrators, content writers, and many other professionals from around the world. This incredible community provides a wealth of knowledge and resources, enabling users to learn from others, share their work, and expand their skill sets.

Work Towards a Shared Goal for Faster Product Delivery

Figma’s collaborative nature encourages teams to work towards a shared goal. This unified approach has enabled numerous product teams to launch new products at a faster pace while feeling more confident in their decisions.

Figma has quickly become the industry standard Design Tool. It is simple to learn but comes with incredibly powerful professional features. The only question mark, is what will Adobe eventually do with it?