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Blinkist summarises the best non-fiction books into 15 minute reads.
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About Blinkist

Blinkist is an app that helps you get key insights from non-fiction books in 15 minutes or less. It takes the best-selling non-fiction books and distils them into essential, easily-digestible nuggets of information. You can get a comprehensive overview of any book, so you can decide whether or not you want to read it. You can even save book summaries to listen to, read later, or find entries for popular topics like leadership, history, and more.


Is Blinkist worth the money?

Yes, Blinkist is worth the money if you want to expand your knowledge and learn new things efficiently. With its huge library of summaries of non-fiction books, they offer a convenient and affordable way to access key insights from the best non-fiction books. It saves you time by presenting just the key points of a book, making it ideal for busy people.

Is Blinkist better than reading?

Blinkist is a convenient alternative to traditional reading, offering condensed summaries of non-fiction books. While it is a time-saving and efficient way to grasp key insights, it cannot replace the depth, nuance, and immersive experience of reading a full book.

Do authors make money from Blinkist?

Blinkist’s non-fiction book summaries introduce readers to new titles and authors that serve as engaging book trailers. They boost authors’ readership and generate revenue for them through partnerships. The company states that their Blinks are ‘new, original works of their own, written in [their] style, voice, and format’.

Blinkist is the OG of book summary apps. I was really into Blinkist about 6 or 7 years ago. If you want the key points on thousands of books, get Blinkist. It’s cheaper than it’s competitors.