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Meet The Team

What a lovely bunch!

Launchfyi is based in Detling, Kent – with a remote team spread throughout London and the South East.

Alex Andrews - Digital Strategist & Designer at Launchfyi

Alex Andrews

Digital Strategist & Designer

Alex is the founder of Launchfyi. He is obsessed with Tech and is currently engulfed in the AI revolution.

Angela Stewart

Operations Manager

Angela manages customer accounts and oversees the running of Launchfyi. She loves to paint.

Olly Andrews - Social Media Specialist at Launchfyi

Olly Andrews

Head of Social Media

Olly earned a marketing diploma from Plymouth University and has experience in various music industry sectors. He is a successful recording artist, has managed his own music releases, and has worked at several record labels and management companies.

Since joining the Launch team, he has worked on multiple projects to expand audiences and customer bases for clients.

Olly is passionate about music and will chew your ear off for your latest playlist additions. He organises music nights in London and enjoys interests such as D&D, graphic novels, and 40K.