Website Design

A company website is your shop window on the internet. Your website visitors make a decision whether to stay on your site in just a few seconds. Bad design or slow loading speed and they’re off.

What makes a solid foundation for a website?

  • Fast Servers

A fast loading website not only keeps your customers happy, it can also help with your Search Engine rankings.

  • Clean CMS

For most projects, we use WordPress to run your website. WordPress is used by over 60% of websites on the internet. Depending on your needs, we also use Shopify, Carrd or one of many other services.

  • SEO

Whether you want your site to rank for a local, national or international audience, we always ensure we use best practices to give your site the edge over your competitors.

  • Regular Updates & Site Maintenance

We don’t just stop working on your site once it is built. We check your site regularly to run updates and perform maintenance to ensure it is always running smoothly.

  • 2FA Security

A username and password just isn’t a secure way of protecting your accounts. That’s why we make it mandatory for all our sites to enforce Two-Factor Authentication.