Our Story

A good story always has a beginning, middle aaaand we’re nowhere near the end.

Launchfyi is on a mission to help people start and run their own Business.

In 2017 Alex founded Launchfyi to bring a simple web design solution to sole traders, freelancers & small businesses in his local area. After a positive initial start, Alex decided to park the brand name, opting instead to use his own name – abbreviated to @AlxAndrws.

For many years the brand remained dormant whilst Alex pursued his design career under his own name.

Fast-forward to 2022, and Alex’s desire to help companies beyond just design had led him back to the name… Today the Launchfyi team are offering a multi-layered service that helps businesses with almost all of their digital needs.

Alex’s background in I.T. Management, Design and Marketing, has created a unique solution for new and existing businesses.