Welcome to Launch, the platform to get ideas off the ground. Our current focus is on visual artists. musicians. healthy eating.

We love new projects and can’t wait to hear from you!

These are our three favourite things.

What is Launch?

Launch is the headquarters of everything and anything we want to do. We don’t like being tied down to one specific job title. We like to consider ourselves Multipotentialites (as coined by Emilie Wadnick).

We of course stick to what we are good at and would never consider  training a parrot or perform the Cell Block Tango. We would however like someone to train a parrot to do the Cell Block Tango – please!

What we do.

We like to think of ourselves as your very own Jiminy Cricket – give a listen whistle and we’ll be there.

Our team are here to help you with web design (check out our famous £5 websites), SEO, printing, styling, photography, email marketing, graphic design, videography, social media, general admin and so much more!

And if we can’t help you with something, we know someone that can.

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